07/03: e-Learners Have a Say - Via You Tube

e-Learners shared their opinions today (via skype conference) with buddy school Berwick Primary in Australia re: the Ministry of Education's Initiative to merge schools in Kawerau, Bay of Plenty. New Zealand.

NOTE: This video captures student voice. No adult intervention has been entered into.

01/3: Skype Conference with Paul from Learnz in Christchurch

Exactly one week after the Christchurch earthquake, e-Learners were involved in a skype conference with Paul Millicon from Learnz in Christchurch. Learnz is an educational centre that hosts a series of free online virtual field trips for New Zealand teachers and their classes. It also forms part of the Ministry of Educations' Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom (LEOTC) programme.

Ironically Wednesday 23 February 2011 the day after the Christchurch earthquake occurred, would have been the first of a scheduled three day virtual field trip for students about the Canterbury earthquake.

The building that Learnz generally accommodate was affected by the Christchurch earthquake and so given some quick thinking, Paul made skype contact with Whaea Jeanette and e-Learners from his home. Students were inquisitive to know just how such a traumatic experience might feel.

Here are just a few questions that were asked (along with Paul’s answers):

Where were you at the time of the earthquake?
Paul was at work in Spark House, Durham Street sharing a video with colleagues at the time of the earthquake. He managed to crawl under his desk.

What were you thinking when the earthquake was happening?
Paul thought the earthquake was sharp and a lot stronger than the Canterbury quake.

What is the future going to be now for you and your family?
Paul will soon leave Learnz. He is not however prepared to move from Christchurch as everything he loves is there.

Post the skype conference three e-Learners have summarised their thoughts:

This learning experience has made me think…

… what an earthquake must be like and how important it is to know how people in Christchurch are feeling – Amaris.

… that it can be really miserable having to cope without power or proper sewerage – Paige.
… how privileged we are to have heard from someone living the real life earthquake situation – Jared.

14/02: Digital Photography and Introduction to Pop Art

Today we were given the opportunity to bring in our cameras from home. Mrs D supplied three which allowed one camera between two e-Learners and more time to capture some great shots!

Whaea Jeanette talked about the responsibility of using and owning a camera ensuring that the camera had a case, SD Card, the correct cords and of course batteries (rechargeables preferred).

We then viewed a video about digital photography and three simple things to remember when taking a digital photo like subject matter, light and composition.

Our task before morning tea was to take three headshots and three 'posing' photos.

Before the bell, Whaea Jeanette introduced Photo Filtre, a photo editing programme that we spent time on manipulating our head shot images.

Whaea Jeanette talked further about the works of Andy Warhol and Roy Liechenstein. She also spoke about pastel pop art using our head shot images and we started the art process.

07/02: Day One in the ICT Suite

The start of 2011 begins with 14 e-Learners; six of whom joined our team Term Four of last year. We start the day with brief introductions and a couple of 'getting to know each other' interactive games.

Whaea Jeanette shared the class blog and timetable we will follow. As many students will be in and out of the suite testing or swimming with their home classes, flexibility is our key word for today:)
Whaea Jeanette also created an online ICT questionaire using Survey Monkey that 10 e-Learners completed. Here are some of the results. NB: Click on the image to enlarge each view:

2010 e-Learners were given the opportunity in the afternoon to talk about ICT and e-Learning then share their weebly websites with newbies. This led nicely into 'snadpit time' and all students creating simple powerpoint presentations titled 'About Me'.